Your hair should feel beautiful, powerful, and one of a kind. 

Owned and operated by an industry leader within invisible bead extension

Invisible Bead Extensions are now the only extension method on the market that has been patented.

Before I tell you about our IBE extensions, let me tell you about who these are for… 

Whether you are

  • Tired of the same few hair styles everyday

  • In need of a more confident, feminine and showstopping vibe

  • Or you’re obsessed with luscious locks and want to invest in them for yourself.

With long, luscious locks, women report feeling more attractive and youthful. Extensions can also provide versatility, allowing women to switch between different hairstyles quickly and easily. Overall, hair extensions empower women to embrace their beauty and enhance their natural features.

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IBE may be for you.

If you’re ready to have the hair you have always dreamed of, and you’re ready to feel more feminine, glamorous, and confident, click the link below to fill out our form to get started.

You have made it to the day of your extension install and not sure what to expect? 

here is the lowdown!

1. Please wear neutral colors, and if you feel comfortable showing your face in photos for social media, feel free to wear make up or whatever you are comfortable in. Just letting you know that sometimes (with permission) your face may be on social media to show the gorgeous work of art that was created.

2. Once you arrive we will begin with a mini photoshoot to document the ‘before’ of your hair. If you come in with your hair tamed and not in a messy bun that is preferred. We appreciate you working with us as social media is the new portfolio and documenting our talents are apart of building our clientele and attracting our next client.

3. Usually for a first time install we like to sew in the extensions first, and then color the natural hair  to perfectly  match and blend together. If you are  at the salon for longer than 5 hours we will usually feed you lunch and or offer complimentary snacks and refreshments at your first install appointment.

4. Once both install and color is complete, your service will be finished with a style of your choice, and another mini photoshoot to document the AMAZING hair you have!

5. You are walked through the take home goodie bag, and review the take home protocol for properly caring for your investment. If you have have questions we are always available to help!

call us if you still have questions

all appointments will include:

  • Custom dimensional hair color for both your hair (if quoted) and the extensions

  • A precision blended cut

  • Styled as requested

  • New Guests will receive a luxury extension after-care kit to ensure you have everything needed to protect your investment.

  • 5hr+ in the chair? Don’t worry we feed you lunch!

all by an Invisible Bead Extension Certified artist.

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We love IBE and only provide this method to all of our extension clients. We use silicone lined beads, and attach the extension hair wefts strategically to create comfortable extensions for the ultimate confidence boost of natural looking long hair.


Invisible bead extensions, or IBE, are natural-looking hair extensions that are attached to your hair using small, silicone lined beads. The beads are color-matched to your hair and completely hidden with this method to create a seamless look. IBE is a great option if you want to add length and volume to your hair without the extensions being detectable. They move naturally with your hair and the install last up to 4 months with proper care and maintenance. The average length of time for clients between the removal and reinstall is 6-10 weeks. 


To install invisible bead extensions, hairstylists must be properly trained and certified. Certification ensures the stylist has the necessary skills and expertise to safely apply the extensions without damaging the client's hair.

At Layne and Co., our owner Shelby, is a Platform Artist, which is the highest level of certification. Learn more about that here.

Everyone's talking about it...

This is the salon you want to go to!
Not only is it the cutest, has the most comfortable wash bowls/chairs, but Shelby is amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and always does a great job with my hair. I have A LOT of hair and I am a natural dark brunette but Shelby makes me look like I could possibly be a natural blonde. She is also very fun to talk to for the 5 hours I'm there with all my hair! She always makes me feel important and remembers things I told her months ago. All the other girls there are so kind as well. I highly recommend this salon!


Shelby did such a great job with my hair! She really knows how to manage the thickness of my hair so that it doesn't look bad. She also is excellent with color! I've gone to her consistently for a blonde highlight/balayage. She also knocked it out of the park when we decided to throw in some purple highlights! Very talented hair stylist!


Shelby is a magician. I have never been so thrilled following a hair appointment. My before and after photos speak for themselves, but the smile on my face is the only proof I need. I was so scared to find a new stylist but this is one of the best decisions I have made in the last year. Shelby really listened to what I wanted, looked at the pictures I brought in, got to know me during our session, and truly delivered on the hair. I was able to pick up some new lipsense colors while I was there also. This is definitely a keeper!


Shelby is adorable and has. Her. Shit. Together. I took my daughter to cut off ALL THE HAIRS, like 8 inches of it, and she gave my 11yo mini-me an A.W.E.S.O.M.E. cut. So I decided to go to her for my shortened adventure. Totally digging it, and its growing out great, it's so very cute! I'll try to find a picture, but don't know if I have one ... BUT IT'S DAMNED CUTE. Trust me. She's got talent.


If you are looking for an extension consultation, you are in the right place! Please follow the link below, and I will reach out to move on to the next steps.


Answering All Your Burning Questions


Will you color match?

Can I wear my hair up in a pony?

How often should I wash?

How often do I need to schedule maintenance?

Will you color match?

Can I wear my hair up in a pony?

How often should I wash?

How often do I need to schedule maintenance?

Yes absolutely, we custom color match every single client. 

Will you color match?

Can I wear my hair up in a pony?

How often should I wash?

How often do I need to schedule maintenance?

Absolutely! We can even share all the tips and tricks if you’re nervous, just ask!

Will you color match?

Can I wear my hair up in a pony?

How often should I wash?

How often do I need to schedule maintenance?

You should wash at-least once a week, no more than three times a week. 

Will you color match?

Can I wear my hair up in a pony?

How often should I wash?

How often do I need to schedule maintenance?

Your stylist will advise on what is best for YOUR hair. Everyone has different needs and lifestyles. Roughly the average length in between appointments for remove & reinstall appointments are 6-10 weeks.



Brush your hair in the morning, when needed during the day, and most importantly before going to bed. Always firmly hold the wefts at the scalp with one hand, to prevent too much tension and unnecessary pulling. Always brush your hair in sections. Start Brushing from the ends of the hair and work yourself up to the scalp area.

Use Hair oil on mids/ends to add shine and moisture to the extensions twice daily. Brands I recommend: Lanza healing oil, Redken Diamond oil, Chi Argan Oil, Isles formula serum.

Bedtime: When going to bed, long hair extensions should be braided into one or two big loose braids. The purpose is to prevent tangling, damage to the attachment, and traction of your own hair where the extensions are attached. A tip that is very healthy for both hair extensions and your own hair is to use a pillowcase made of silk or satin. It is less damaging and helps retain moisture in your hair much more than materials like cotton


Wash 2-3 times a week. Excessive use of styling products and high heat should be avoided. These are elements that will shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions, and are not good for your own natural hair either. Always use heat tools on a medium-low to low setting.

When drying your hair with a blow dryer, setting should be on medium to low heat, avoid any damage by being careful and stay away from the attachments of your hair extensions. First, comb your hair thoroughly with a loop or bristle brush, always starting from the bottom. Lift hair carefully and blow dry from a top-down direction.


For water events you will want to have a clarifying shampoo. The purpose for this will get all the chlorine and chemicals out of the extensions, preventing it from drying out. Follow up the clarifying shampoo with hydrating shampoo & conditioner.  Any water related events put deep conditioner or oil on the ends as a coating to keep them hydrated while in water. After water activities I would immediately shower, and use styling products as needed. I would always wear braids, or secure pony tails while in water to prevent unnecessary tangling.

CAUTION: Some sunscreens, and tanning lotions can stain blonde extensions making them appear brassy.


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